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Private Company Employee Equity Incentives

It is well established that publicly listed companies have a variety of arrangements in place to enable their employees to buy or receive shares in the company. This may range from plans that entitle senior management to receive free shares at the end of a defined period if certain performance conditions are met, to plans […]

ESOP / ESPP Mobility Taxation Guide

MOBILITY TAXATION A GUIDE FOR ISSUERS Sponsored by by Rutlen Associates, LLC & The American Coalition of Stock Plan Administrators (ACSPA) The American Coalition of Stock Plan Administrators (ACSPA) is an industry trade organization focused on improving the administration of U.S. based employee equity plans. It is comprised of the leading administration and technology firms […]

Ireland – ESOP / APSS Plan tax and taxation

Ireland – Employee Share Ownership Plans ESOP / SAYE / RSU / APSS plan tax and taxation rules are defined by legislation that is administered by The Revenue Commissioners.  Companies and employees can benefit from certain share plan types that may be ‘tax free’ or ‘tax efficient’ to both. The details on this page are current as […]