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Employee participation and shared ownership comes in many forms and names: Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP), Company Shape Option Plan (CSOP), Employee Share Purchase Plans (ESPP), Share Investment Plan (SIP), Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP), Non-Qualified Stock Option (NQSO), Approved Profit Sharing Scheme (APSS), Save as You Earn (SAYE) and more.

These are many ways to involve employees in the goals, objectives and success of a business, your business. Stock based incentives empower and align employees’ decision making bring great benefits to the business – they make better decisions, feel more involved, work more effectively and stick around longer. This is good for business and good for them – a real win-win scenario. 

purple8 Stock based compensation benefits

There are many ways to improve business performance but one of the most successful, cost effective and proven is to involve employees through company share ownership plans. The best way to get employees to act like owners is to make them owners.

Employee owned businesses are growing in number and size because they tend to be more competitive, successful, profitable and sustainable. If you want to make your employees behave like business owners – then make them business owners. Stock based compensation can benefit your business as it can reward and incentivise your employees for less cost and better business cash flow than other compensation. So it a real win-win for the employees and the business.

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Stock ownership plans come in many forms for a wide variety of businesses, private, public, listed, pre-IPO and are regulated differently around the world. At ESOP World Forum discover how to make employee stock ownership work for your business whatever its type or location.

Business Owners: Looking for the optimum way to motivate and compensate employees? ESOP World Forum gets you the full benefits and background on employee share ownership plans and access to industry experts and thought leaders – and business owners like yourself

Plan Administrators: Get insights on maximising your employee plan from thought leaders in plan administration, finance, legal, tax performance and technology options.


purple1 Learn more about equity compensation

The different names for the various employee share and  stock plans can be confusing but ESOP World Forum can help you learn how to find the right solution for you from the best people – those already benefitting from them: business owners, executives, HR and plan administrators and last but by no means least employees and plan participants.

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Involving employees gives everyone a stake so employee owned businesses are more entrepreneurial and better at recruiting and retaining talented, committed people who are committed to the company and its success.

Because they’re run in an open way, employee owned businesses tend to have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and involvement with the communities they operate in.

purple5 Designing a stock plan

Business Owners, Finance, HR or Stock Plan Administrators: If you are designing, implementing or administering a stock plan for your business find information to help you do this efficiently and effectively while in compliance with the relevant legal and tax legislation. Membership provides you access to all the right information and the thought leaders and experts to help you find the best solution for your business.

Employees:  make the most of your employer’s plan and discuss your options with like minded people.  

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“ESOP World Forum is an excellent resource for business owners and senior management defining key employee compensation and incentives – they can access comprehensive information, thought leaders and experts quickly and easily.”

Stephen Diosi is Counsel in Ashurst’s equity incentive practice with over 12 years experience in UK and global design, implementation, operation and compliance of employee incentive arrangements and executive remuneration. He advises companies across several industry sectors including financial services, natural resources, entertainment, aerospace and transport, FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and other listed companies and both private equity houses and their portfolio companies.

Stephen is a member of the Share Plans Lawyers Group with extensive experience on the impact of all forms of corporate actions on employee incentive arrangements, including takeovers, schemes of arrangement, IPOs rights issues, demergers and sales of businesses.

Stephen Diosi

‘I really value the ESOP  forum, it is an excellent resource’

John has held a number of Senior Client Management and Business Development positions working with many of the largest companies in the world.  John has worked for Computershare and was responsible for their Executive Investment Services business and also new business development for companies conducting IPO’s.  John was Head of Client Management for Morgan Stanley’s International Stock Plans business.

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